Did you know that Comet exists in a US version as well?

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COMET VISION - Analytical Software for Dataloggers and Multiloggers

COMET VISION - Software for COMET Dataloggers Sxxxx, Rxxxx, UxxxxM, Commeters Dxxxx and Multiloggers Mxxxx.

Free licensed software for simple device management and analysis of measured data allows

  • device settings    
  • data download
  • analysis of critical situations
  • presentation of measured data
  • reports print out

COMET Vision is the main component for running COMET DATABASE with dataloggers, Commeters and Multiloggers

COMET Vision is compatible to

  • COMET dataloggers (except TPrints)
  • Commeter "D"
  • Multilogger
  • Sigfox sensors


  • Código

Dados técnicos

Maximum number of connected devices unlimited


Download, edit and upload back into the device YES
Import from/Export to the file YES


Download YES
Erase  YES
Table YES
Charts YES
Statistics YES
Printing (table, chart, statistics) YES
Export (pdf, xls, csv) YES
Reports YES


Dashboard YES
Charts YES
Alarm visualization YES
Custom display YES


Data download according to schedule YES
Individual plan from each device YES
Automatic export to csv file YES


Export of data to the Comet Database YES
Bulk export of data to the Comet Database YES